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Simple Ad Rotator Creating a simple ad-rotator, the ads are stored in a text file and picked randomly by this PHP code.

Storing Binary Data in MySQL Databases A lot of people are curious to know how to add binary data such a Zip files, images etc in a MySQL Database, this articles shows you how to store binary data in a MySQL database and then how to reterive them back.

Using Functions in PHP This article shows you how to use functions, create your custom functions and how to effectively work with function's in PHP.

Getting Screen resolution using JavaScripts & PHP In this article we will discuss how to get the users screen resolution.

PHP File Uploads In this article we will show you how simple it is to upload File from the browser.

PHP and Cookies In this article we will discuss about cookies and how to make cookies work with PHP

PHP Sessions In this article we will discuss what are Sessions and how to work with sessions in PHP.

Encrypting and protecting your PHP code In this article we will discuss how you can protect your PHP source code from prying eyes so that you can make applications and distribute them without worrying about someone stealing or modifying your PHP code.

Encrypting data with PHP PHP provides us with an interesting array of security-oriented functionality, In this article I'll introduce you to this functionality, providing you with a basis from which you can begin incorporating security enhancements into your own applications.

   Real World example for md5()

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