Category: PHP Quick Start

Introduction to PHP A brief Introduction about PHP, Comparing PHP with ASP

   PHP vs ASP Comparison between ASP and PHP

Your First PHP code We will write first PHP code, this section also covers basic PHP syntax, including variable usage.

Adding Logic with PHP Introducing the if else construct, while loops and other control loops that will help add logic to your code.

   Basic Looping Understanding how to use looping in our code introduction to While Loops
   Nested Loops A loop within a Loop!

Introducing FORMS Introduction to FORMS and how to pass information from one page to other

   QueryStrings Query strings are a way to pass information with a link (url). Let's learn how to use query strings to pass information between PHP pages.

Working with Database In this section you will learn how to make PHP work with databases.

   Retrieving data from a table (Single row)
   Retrieving multiple rows for data from a table

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