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Our Chief editor also undertakes PHP freelance work and can assist you in your projects for a small fee (Start's at just US $40/hr). We can complete your entire PHP / MySQL project, test it and deliver it to you, for more info please read our FAQ listed below.

FAQ for PHP Project Work / Freelance Work

Q: What kinds of work / PHP projects do you undertake?
We undertake most kinds of projects, can assist you in the same, the work can be limited to a small script, part of a bigger project or an entire project.

Q: How much is it going to cost me?
We bill by the man-hours worked on the projects, before starting a project we give an estimate on how many hours the project might take, and based on that give you an estimate on how much it would cost you, currently our rate is $30/hr.

Q: How qualified are the people who will be working on my project?
Our Chief Editor who will be working with you on the projects has over 9 year of experience in the I.T industry of which more than 7 years is in the Web development arena, any programmers if required who might be working under our Chief Editor have more than 3 years experience.

Q: How come you have estimated that my project would take approx 10-20% less time than a quote given by another company?
We count the man-hours only by the actual work done, not like other big companies which give you a bloated projection for Projects, We also give the client the exact time worked for each file on the project, the work is carried out by experienced professional programmers that have years of experience hence they know exactly what they are doing, they do not waste time trying out things, hence we are not surprised if our project estimated time is 10-20% less than others.

Q: Can I get any discount?
Yes, We do offer discounts on projects that require over 100 man hours of work.

Q: My Project is at the design stage, can you take it?
Yes, we also undertake projects that are in the design stage, If you even have a concept in mind we can also do the Analysis for the same.

Q: How small projects can you take?
We do not take projects that require less than 5 man-hours, of work.

Q: Is the rate inclusive of taxes etc?
Yes the rate quoted is inclusive of all taxes.

Q: When do I pay?
You pay us when your coding is completed, you see the actual live output and when you are satisfied then only you pay us, we deliver you the complete source code with solutions for your project.

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