Category: PHP Scripts

Simple Email contact Form (Comments/Suggestion) This PHP script enables your web site visitors to send an email to the webmaster by means of a browser using a form that you see at most of the sites, like the Comments/Suggestions form.

Online Users You must have seen on some sites displaying the number of users online, this scripts exactly does that it displays number of users currently browsing your site.

Fighting Ad-Blocking Software These days many users are installing Ad-Blocking software, this script detect if your users are using ad blocking / web strippers and stops that page and ask them to stop there blocking software to access your site.

Auto Password / Unique id Generation You might have come across sites, that generate a unique username or a randomly generated password for you, this script show you how to do the same with PHP.

Detecting a Proxy Server Many ISP / Users use Proxy server, this simple script detects the if a users is using a proxy server to connect to your website.

Simple Password protection using PHP Use this simple script to password protect your pages, Ideal for password protecting Administrative parts or sensitive parts of your web site.

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