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   Home                   Article Added on: April 18, 2002
Fighting Ad-Blocking Software

Overview: These days many users are installing Ad-Blocking software, this script detect if your users are using ad blocking / web strippers and stops that page and ask them to stop there blocking software to access your site.

Most of the webmasters use banner ads to generate revenue, but users increasing are using banner blocking software and web-site downloaders that download the entire site to there disk, this scripts detects such activites and asks the user to disable there software to access the site.

adblock.php Download code

You can include the above adblock.php file using <?php include 'adblock.php'; ?> to the pages you want to protect.

If the code finds any of the banned agents it displays this warning message!

Sorry you are not allowd to view this page

We have determined that you are using some sort of ad-blocking software or using a browser that downloads our site to your machine.

Please understand that we are able to provide this content free because of our Sponsors (ads) and if you choose to block them, we will be unable to display the pages, if people continue to block our sponsors ads using ad-blocking softwares then we will be forced to charge for the content and we do not wish to do this so Please shut of your ad-blocking software and revisit our site!

Editor: If you are looking for industrial level protection from ad-blockers and leechers there is a very good commerical product known as Antiadbuster Pro which protects your site from various types of Ad Blockers / leechers and you should consider installing AntiAdBuster Pro on your site.
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