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   Home                   Article Added on: May 8, 2002
Detecting a Proxy Server

Overview: Many ISP / Users use Proxy server, this simple script detects the if a users is using a proxy server to connect to your website.

Use this simple script to detect if your users is comming from a Proxy Server!

Click here to see the script in action!

<font face=verdana size=2>

// use this script to detect whether or not a user is using a
//proxy server to connect to your website.

echo "<font size=3><B>Proxy Detector</B></font><P>";

// proxy detected...

<b>Proxy Detected...</b><br>

Your Actual IP Address:
<i><?= $HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR ?></i><br>

Your Proxy Server:
<i><?= $HTTP_VIA ?></i>
<BR> You Proxy I.P address: <?= $REMOTE_ADDR ?><br>

// no proxy detected

<b>No Proxy Detected</b><br>

Your Actual IP Address:
<i><?= $REMOTE_ADDR ?></i><br>

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