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   Home                   Article Added on: March 29, 2002
Installing Configuring PHP

Overview: Here we will be showing you how to Install PHP / IIS web-server and how to configure your web server to work with PHP

The lastest PHP build can be found here.

I had downloaded the 900 KB windows installer and it works great! Bascially the installer installs the CGI version of PHP for IIS, PWS, and Xitami and configures the web server.

If you are using Linux/Unix then you might need to download the PHP Source code and then compile it just check your web-server as most of the versions of linux/unix already have PHP installed or can be installed with the installer CD that comes with your Operating System.

The above download of PHP installer is just an add on, you need a web server to install PHP, before you install PHP on your Web Server be sure that your web server is working properly. If you need help with Web Servers see the Related articles section below.

After running the PHP installer if the installer says you have to manually configure your web-server, Here are the Steps to manually configure IIS Server for running PHP.

Most of you must be having windows operating system, so select the appropraite build. The beauty of PHP is that you can build your site using PHP on windows and when the time comes for deployment you can install run the same code on linux/Unix Servers.

Editor: I have installed PHP4 on my windows machine that has IIS5 it runs just great! When everything works fine I move the code to the production Linux Server having PHP4/MYSQL on which this site is running.

Okay you can write PHP code in any text editor even notepad would do the job, but I personally like PHPEdit Its one of the best PHP Editors that I have worked with for Windows and its free, it has syntax completion and lots of goodies that makes your working with PHP a breeze.
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