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   Home                   Article Added on: April 6, 2002
Configuring MySQL ODBC drivers under Windows

Overview: This article will show you how to configure MySQL ODBC drivers under windows if you havent downloaded the MYSQL ODBC drivers download them now.

Before configuring the ODBC drivers install the MySQL ODBC drivers that you have downloaded.

Configuring MySQL ODBC drivers

1) Go to Control Panel and then click on Administrative Tools and then click on Data Source (ODBC)

2) Click on User DSN Tab (by default it is on that) abd click Add as shown in the figure above.

3) Scroll down and select the MySQL ODBC Driver.

4) In the MySQL ODBC driver configuration enter the details as seen in the figure (in the database name enter your database name) and after you fill in all the proper fields click on the Test Data Source to check if you have properly configured your Database settings.

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